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Can technology help boost Australia’s manufacturing industry again?

The Reserve Bank of Australia reports that the manufacturing sector has been in decline for the past 30 years, dropping from 14% in 1995 to just 6% of GDP today. The question is, can technology help turn the ship around and boost Australia’s manufacturing industry again? At Enablis, we believe it can.

The challenges faced across the manufacturing industry are not unique – all manufacturers grapple with production line efficiencies, seasonal up and downturns, warehouse logistics, and call centre management – just to name a few. Add to that the complexities introduced by having multiple sites, aging IT infrastructure and the increasing need to reduce cost, and the result feels like a hinderance to success – but it doesn’t need to be.




Connecting the factory floor to the warehouse, the call centre to the cloud, the underlying network infrastructure is the foundation on which technology is built. Critical to its success is its scalability and reliability in an age where uptime is critical to operational success. The impending copper switch off (due to the rollout of the NBN) should thus be seen as a positive factor.

  1. CLOUD

Tech savvy IT managers have embraced the flexibility of cloud technology to manage ever-changing workloads. Cloud enables applications to be better aligned to business output, addressing seasonal downturns as well as the ability to scale up quickly in times of high demand.

  1. WI-FI

Wi-Fi enablement drives IoT and production line efficiency. For example, an Enablis client uses IoT to connect plant equipment that ‘alert’ each other about bottlenecks. Delivered via managed Wi-Fi networks across plants and warehouses, IoT ensures minimal wastage, faster response times, and reduced inventory costs.


A centralised unified communications system in the cloud delivers operational efficiency through real-time dashboards and reports. Customer service and responsiveness levels are typically increased, as are communication among staff and productivity.


While the emergence of technology like cloud and IoT have driven innovation and productivity, the expansion of networks beyond traditional boundaries also poses more threats. Down time due to cyber security breaches can cost thousands of dollars, and in an age where a simple firewall is no longer sufficient, having a robust IT security strategy is critical.

In addition to IT security, CCTV and video surveillance is imperative, especially across factory floors. Connecting CCTV to Wi-Fi drives productivity and cost savings – and leads to a safer workplace for staff.


So, who can bring all the technology together under one simple supplier relationship? Enablis is considered a trusted partner by our clients, providing multi-vendor, multi-technology solutions under one contract with end-to-end SLAs. With many years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we alleviate the pressure of day to day IT management, so our clients can focus on accelerating their business across their sites, in the field and on the factory floor. 

Talk to us about how we can help drive efficiency across your business.

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