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Charles Darwin  once said that it’s not the strongest or most intelligent of the species that survives, but the one most adaptable to change.  

With a whopping 600,000 NFPs already doing their thing in Australia, the sector is heading towards consolidation as organisations realise that driving scale and efficiency is key to their survival. 

Measurable outcomes. Results-based deliverables. Whatever you want to call it, both government and private funding are being increasingly allocated to those who can clearly demonstrate their impact and value for money.

But doesn’t consolidation cause upheaval and spiralling costs for the foreseeable future? Not necessarily so. If you suspect you’re heading towards consolidation, this could be the perfect opportunity to drive a step-change in your IT processes.

Re-imagine your IT   

Amalgamation has forced many NFPs to take a fresh look at what they need their IT to deliver, rather than continuing to make do with what they’ve got. They find that working with service providers who can migrate their disparate sites and systems onto a single IT platform, helps them to cut costs and improve communications surprisingly quickly.      

Drive profound business change   

As challenging as the integration process can be in the short term, it can drive profound business change. Some of our NFP customers have been able to cut IT costs in half; attract more highly skilled staff; roll-out new systems and provide better services to their customers as a result of amalgamation.

They key for them has been to work with service providers who take responsibility for designing, implementing and managing their IT infrastructure on their behalf – freeing them up to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Planning for the future

If you decide to implement your new IT platform as a managed service, it’s easy to scale your business as you take on new sites, services and users. The key to a good managed service is flexibility, and working with a partner who can anticipate your needs before you do!

If you’d like to find out more about how we’ve helped NFP customers to successfully navigate their way through the amalgamation process, please contact us on 02 8272 4008.            




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