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Move the right services to the cloud

We help guide you to The Cloud

Cloud-based applications and services are now accepted as an essential business enabler for most organisations, however moving applications and data into The Cloud is no small feat.

Enablis help guide you to The Cloud, by extending existing infrastructure with hybrid cloud architecture and providing archiving, backup and disaster recovery solutions. We work with you to ensure that only the right services are moved across and we manage migration issues such as interoperability, security and cost control, ensuring your Cloud strategy has a silver lining!

It’s a simple fact that the majority of the IT spending decisions are now driven by business rather than IT and you should be prepared to deliver whichever variant of “The Cloud” your business requires. Whether this is single tenant servers or multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, Enablis can help your business to embrace this transformation by delivering on-demand, flexible connectivity to your chosen private, public or hybrid Cloud platform. From design through to implementation and on going management we can help you get there in the best way.

The benefits of cloud IT are significant and perhaps already an integral part of your Business Strategy – but getting there can be problematic!

Key Features

Advisory Services – cloud readiness, disaster recovery & business continuity assessments

Automation – automating IT environments and processes

Backup-as-a-Service – reliable, secure and cost effective instant recovery

Cloud migration – safe IP migration to the Cloud

Managed Services – multi-cloud data management

Storage – private cloud flash storage to accelerate and consolidate workloads

Visualise – digital performance monitoring for critical real-time data insights

Move the right services to The Cloud – do it properly and you get all the benefits you promised The Board!

Cloud-based services are recognised as an essential business enabler for virtually all organisations and remarkably by the end of 2017 over 50% of all IT Services globally will be delivered from The Cloud.

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