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Communication tools to boost productivity

Give your teams the right tools and the sky’s the limit

At Enablis we ensure your employees can be productive anywhere by enabling them to communicate & share information easily using a single identity. Through our portfolio of collaboration services your staff have access to tools that allow them to communicate, share ideas, innovate and take better care of your business.

  • Voice – If you are using MS Teams already and have multiple IP Telephony platforms causing user experience issues then MS Teams Voice can reduce complexity and save you money. Visit the MS Teams Voice site here or try the ROI Savings calculator now to find out how much your business could save.Did you know that cloud telephony gives you all the features and functionality of traditional enterprise telephony, but without the price tag and in a far more flexible, subscription based service.
  • Presence and Unified Communications – enables a completely different work method for staff and partners that transforms the effectiveness and productivity of working groups.
  • Video – provides a greatly improved level of interaction for staff and customers – Why spend many hours and use costly travel to have face-to-face engagement when video collaboration tools can offer many of the benefits from your desk?
  • Contact Centre – delivering increased customer service and greater efficiencies.

Remove the costly charges and inflexibility of traditional telephony and get next generation features without the associated price tag. Cloud telephony gives you all the features and functionality of traditional enterprise telephony but in a far more flexible, subscription based service.

Key Features

Cloud Telephony – feature rich, subscription based

Conferencing – create and manage audio conferences

Contact Centre – multichannel, scalable and cloud-ready

Inbound Number Solutions – call recording, intelligent routing

SIP channels – flexible & scalable, with pre-paid minute bundles

Unified Comms – integrated multi-layer communication

Video collaboration is just a simple click away. With an integrated video capability you can have more face-to-face engagement with staff and customers – improve relationships, increase customer satisfaction, reduce travel costs

Whether for 100 or 10,000 employees, Enablis provide the full suite of Unified Communication features including Unified Messaging, Desktop integration, Mobile Phone integration and Video calling.

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