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Seamless connectivity for all your
organisations offices, staff and devices

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Today more than ever, the corporate network is a critical communication highway that will underpin the future of your business. Enablis networks are designed individually to our customers exact requirements, delivering unified communications, mobility, collaboration, cloud computing & virtualization. They are secure, robust and built with the very latest available technology to support the inexorable flow of data within the modern organisation.


In recent years IT has been “unchained” and “cloud” has arrived, creating enormous business opportunities for The Board, but also challenges for the CIO and Network Infrastructure team. Employees, customers, partners, devices, and apps are now constantly on the move requiring today’s Communications Network to be malleable. It must integrate traditional and new communication technologies and accommodate both public and private cloud applications. At Enablis we design networks which achieve exactly this and more! Put simply we have brought the best networks and technologies together in order to provide our customers with the “optimum solution” not “closest fit”.

It’s a simple fact that single carriers can’t meet all network needs. At Enablis we have built a high capacity multiple-carrier infrastructure which provides our customers with a highly scalable, secure and flexible platform that provides optimum data connectivity across your entire business.

Key Features

Connectivity – private, public or hybrid

WAN – MPLS, SD-WAN or hybrid

Cloud Connect – private cloud connectivity

Data Centre Connect – on-demand bandwidth

Flexible Internet – highly scalable, diverse carrier

LAN – cloud managed or traditional

WiFi – cloud managed

Why choose the “closest fit” Telco when you can have the “perfect fit” from Enablis delivering optimum connectivity at every location?

Employees, customers, devices, and apps are now constantly on the move requiring your IT Network to integrate traditional and new technologies and accommodate both public and private cloud applications.

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Managed Business Communication and Cloud Services

Many customers integrate their connectivity requirements into our comprehensive comUnity® Managed Service

Data : Voice : Mobility : Cloud : Security
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