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You know about Microsoft Teams. But what about Teams Voice?

You’re either thinking about moving, are moving, or have moved to Microsoft Teams. It’s a matter of time. And fair enough – its collaboration capabilities are seamless and intuitive. But one thing that hasn’t been as widely discussed is Microsoft Teams’ calling capabilities. Some customers we’ve spoken to believe that there’s only one major Telco in Australia which is able to deliver Microsoft Calling. This isn’t the case, and we’re here to help you investigate your options.

How does Microsoft Teams Voice work?

In Teams, you can place a call from anywhere you’d normally interact with people e.g. from a chat, the command bar or a calling tab.

‘Must-haves’ to get Microsoft Teams Voice working include:

  • connectivity to the Public Telephone Network (PSTN)
  • Microsoft’s Direct Routing
  • a certified Session Border Controller (SBC)
  • A telephone number for each user (you can choose to port your existing landline numbers, or have new numbers allocated)
  • A head-set or handset (for the oldies)

Not ready to go all-in on cloud and soft phones? No problem. A hybrid solution using our Cloud Gateway means you can connect your on-premise voice estate to the same SIP Platform allowing you to host some users on your legacy PBX while moving others to Teams Voice.

What do you get?

Rolling your telephony into Microsoft Teams voice can reap a number of benefits, such as:

  • Simplify calling – having one number, no matter where you are, lets you make and receive local, national, mobile, audio and video calls.
  • Retain full voice functionality – you won’t lose useful functionality that you’re used to such as hold, transfer, forward and voicemail in the cloud.
  • Drive efficiency – tried contacting someone and leaving voicemails and emails without success? With Teams, you can see in one place the best way to contact someone – voice, video calling or chat.
  • Unify your workspace – consolidate your multiple apps by bringing them under one platform.

How Enablis can help

With a history rich in managing cloud communications platforms such as Mitel, Alcatel, Broadsoft and Cisco, Enablis is familiar with voice infrastructure and can guide you through the journey, whether you’re thinking hybrid or a complete migration to cloud voice. As a managed communications provider, we have access to Australia’s leading networks, giving you the flexibility and redundancy required to ensure optimal uptime for your voice and WAN estate.

In addtion, Enablis can:

  • Offer a fully Microsoft certified service
  • Ensure a smooth migration
  • Secure SIP trunk connectivity
  • Provide Skype for Business migration support with advanced routing features
  • Enable media bypass
  • Offer legacy TDM PBX and IP-PBX integration capabilities
  • Support OPUS and SILK vocoders

We’ll be hosting an event on Microsoft Teams Voice in early 2020. Stay tuned for more information, or if you’d like to get in touch now, please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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