What is Enablis MS Teams Voice Calling?

Enablis MS Teams Voice provides voice calling natively
from your existing MS Teams Platform.

If you are already using Microsoft Teams – the Voice component gives you traditional voice calling capabilities from your existing MS Teams platform. You can move your voice calling capabilities to the cloud with integrated calling capabilities to landlines, 1300 & 1800 numbers, International and mobile phones directly from your MS Teams user interface.

Is your business using multiple communication tools – MS Teams to talk internally and other tools (Cisco, Mitel, TIPT) to speak to external partners and customers?

Don’t forget Skype for Business is EOL in July 2021 – take a look at the advantages of MS Teams Voice Calling

Simplify and extend your MS Teams communication capabilities by adding Enablis Voice Calling directly into Office 365. Remove the need for costly PABX hardware and free up users to answer calls from any location using any device. This single unified communication platform improves collaboration and efficiency with voice, chat and video from anywhere.

The Benefits of using MS Teams Voice

MS Teams Voice Calling is ideal for remote workers, reduces complexity and is cost effective to deploy across any business.


A simplified
communication experience


Aggregate user capacity
to optimise costs




Cost and
maintenance reduction


Visibility – dashboard reporting of calls & quality


Compatibility with existing contact centre and PABX


Keep existing
phone numbers


Increased security

MS Teams Statistics


*of respondents
said teams &
MS365 has better privacy controls


*reduction in user downtime having resources available
in one cloud-based location


*of respondents
stated its now easier
to communicate
securely and
ensure privacy

*Source: January 2019 study commissioned by Microsoft conducted by Forrester, 2019- titled The Total Economic Impact™
Of Microsoft Teams

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Use your existing MS O365 service to reduce the complexity of separate collaboration systems, meet security and compliance demands easily, and enjoy more financial flexibility with MS Teams Voice Calling.

How does Enablis MS Teams Voice Calling work?

Enablis MS Teams Voice Calling provides a managed service to fully voice-enable all staff within your business.

Get Started: To get MS Teams Voice calling up and running, the MS Teams client is installed on your staff’s mobile, tablet or laptop, and they are provided with a Microsoft Teams certified headset.

MS Teams Licensing: The company acquires the relevant MS Enterprise license and Phone System license – once the licensing is assigned to a user the “Calls” button appears within the MS Teams client.

Phone System: The MS teams phone system license provides a Cloud PBX within MST O365 which offers PBX functionality, replacing your existing telephony system.

Functionality & Ease of Use: It’s easy to use and the “Calls” button provides functionality for inbound & outbound calling, speed dials and voicemail from any location.

IP Phones: In addition to the MS Teams client, the solution offers several “Teams native” IP Phones (entry level to executive), conference phones and portal speakers.

Room solutions: Meeting room solutions are available from small meeting rooms to conference halls and include everything needed to collaborate effectively

Direct Routing: “Dial tone” into MS Teams is provided by connecting the customer’s MST Cloud PBX to a Microsoft certified Session Border Controller (SBC). The SBC provides the link between the customer’s O365 MS Teams instance and the outside world.

The Bridge: The SBC can act as the bridge between the customer’s existing telephony system and MS Teams to allow for a staged migration.

SIP Trunks: SIP trunks are connected to the SBC to enable inbound and outbound calling, to local, national, non-geo (1800, 1300) and International numbers.

Calling Bundles: SIP channels can be delivered as “pay as you go” or as Calling bundles which include calls to local, national and mobile numbers.

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Could your current IP telephony and collaboration costs be reduced to improve efficiency and save money?

The MS Teams Voice Calling ROI Savings Calculator will help you understand how to optimise your current collaboration tools and what the cost savings are using Enablis MS Teams Voice Calling.

What Our customers have to say

Why work with a Trusted advisor and partner?

Enablis provides a fully integrated solution delivered as a
Managed Service (MS certified SBC (session boarder controller),
SIP Channels, headsets and IP phones).

The team of communication experts have years of experience in SIP and IP Telephony across ANZ

Enablis Engineers & IP Telephony experts specialise in legacy PABX systems management (with Cisco, Alcatel, Mitel & TiPT)

Enablis experts manage any
transition risk for you

MS teams Voice can be delivered independent of existing MS licence agreements – current licensing agreements can remain

Enablis can also offer you
short term, flexible term contracts (3-36 Months)

Safe pair of hands, we share
the risk of delivery and guarantee
the outcome

The Enablis service team provides responsiveness at all times

Best commercial offer
for scale and cost

Our Trusted Partners


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