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Employees instantly connect with tools and information for work, while our IT leaders rest easy knowing those connections are trusted and secure.


  • Reduce IT service requests.
  • Secure mobile users and devices.
  • Improve access and user experience for staff.

Over 55% of Enablis employees use six or more cloud-based applications every day.

As a growing Managed IT Communication and Cloud Services Provider, it is critical that Enablis secure the connections between its employees and the technology they use.

In addition, providing effective and responsive service to customers means continuously looking to improve our efficiency and collaboration without increasing exposure to network security threats.

Prior to the implementation of Okta Identity Cloud, Enablis’ IT team were overwhelmed with requests for access to a wide range of cloud-based applications, employee mobile devices had limited security, and staff were frustrated managing log-in credentials across many applications.

The Challenges

IT Strain – Enablis’ IT team were spending a lot of time provisioning new employees and administering passwords and applications for end-users. As a result, they had less time to work on key business priorities.

Network Security Risk – 82% of our employees use a personal device to access work applications and information. Without an identity solution in place, personal devices exposed our network to increased risk.

Employee Productivity – Managing passwords across so many applications frustrated employees and affected their ability to quickly move from one application to the next.

82% of Enablis staff use a personal device to access work applications and information.

The Okta Solution

Since adopting Okta Identity Cloud, Enablis’ network infrastructure is more secure and employees are happier and more productive.

Okta delivered the following benefits to Enablis:

Lifecycle Management – The time-consuming and manual process of creating user accounts within a product, granting and revoking access has now been automated.

Mobiltity Management – Device onboarding has been reduced by 50% and devices connecting to the network are now secure. Access to corporate apps from untrusted devices is managed with multi-factor authentication.

Single Sign-On (SSO) – Employees now use a single set of credentials for access to enterprise applications in the cloud, on the web, and on mobile devices.

Solution at a glance

62 employees with SSO access.

30 minutes saved on every application provisioning request.

Seamless secure access from personal devices.


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