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2019 Crowdstrike Global Security Attitude Survey

Posted on: December 12, 2019 | 3 minutes read

2019 Crowdstrike Global Security Attitude Survey reveals Australian business are slower to detect breaches than the rest of the world

A new global survey commissioned by CrowdStrike reveals that an overwhelming majority of organisations lack the rapid detection and response times needed to stop an intruder from accessing their networks and data. The survey is based on responses from 1,900 senior IT decision-makers and professionals from across the U.S., Canada, U.K., Mexico, Middle East, Australia, Germany, Japan, France, India and Singapore and from a wide range of industries.

Most alarmingly, the survey reveals that the time it takes Australian organisations to respond to a breach is slower than those of our overseas counterparts. Australian organisations take an average of 186 hours to respond, compared with the global average of 162 hours.

Positively, the report notes that businesses, especially in the APAC region, have increased their cybersecurity budgets, indicating that companies are starting to heed the unprecedented ferocious nature of cyber attacks.

You can download the report by clicking here.

Where do you stand?

Australia is certainly not immune to security breaches. As noted in our previous post, just this year, Big W, Hawthorn Football Club, Nova Entertainment, My Health Records, Victorian Public Servants, Dept of Parliamentary Services and Marriott Hotel Group (amongst others) have suffered breaches. And there was this breach on the Australian National University, which required no password stolen, no clicks, not even an email opened.

As organisations are re-assessing their security posture, many are moving to cloud solutions, giving them the speed, visibility and crowd-sourced protection needed to safeguard against today’s complex and sophisticated threats.

Enablis partners with four market leading cloud-based security vendors to deliver our Zero Trust Security Framework. We work with…

  • Mimecast is a cybersecurity provider that helps thousands of organisations worldwide make email safer, restore trust and bolster cyber resilience.
  • Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. Okta products give employees, partners and customers access to the best tools available, while still enforcing strong security protections.
  • ZScaler enables organisations of all sizes to securely transform their networks and applications for a mobile and cloud-first world.
  •  Crowdstrike is the leader in cloud-delivered next-gen endpoint protection. Crowdstrike has revolutionised endpoint protection as the only company to unify next-gen AV, endpoint detection and response and a 24/7 managed hunting service all delivered via a single lightweight agent.

… to deliver a comprehensive solution that protects your network from adversaries by addressing email security, identity, web gateway, antivirus and endpoint protection.

We’re happy to have a private, obligation-free chat with you to understand – and also help you understand – how resilient your security posture might be in light of potential breaches. If you’d like to get in touch, complete the form below and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

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