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5 things you need to know about data security

Posted on: November 5, 2018 | 3 minutes read

5 things you need to know about data security

Data forms the foundation for any organisation. It is the information organisations retain on their customers, staff, products, services, financials, inventory, logistics (the list goes on…) which creates knowledge, and ultimately results in the intelligence to formulate strategic business decisions.

While IT managers are well versed in aspects of cyber security such as firewall and password protection, one very important element of organisational security – data security – is often overlooked.

What is data security?

Data security refers to the protection of data against unauthorised access, breaches, theft, fraud, exploitation and corruption. Companies can protect their data by using encryption, tokenisation and having a robust backup and recovery process. Many companies already have these technical solutions in place, but are you convinced that your data is fully protected? Do you know who might be planning an attack on your data? Are you aware of third parties who may have (authorised) access to your data – and how well they keep your data secure?

5 things you NEED TO KNOW about your data

Do you know…

  1. … the value of your data?

Your data is not just valuable to your company and customers, it may also have value to those who may steal it. All data, no matter what it is, has some value to someone.

  1. … who has access to your data?

You need to know who has access both internally and externally, and who has heightened access e.g. admins. It’s important to ensure access is revoked as soon as admins and super admins move on from their role or the company.

  1. … where your data is?

Is your data with a service provider? You need to know if your data is on-shore, off-shore or in the cloud; as well as where the data centres are physically located.

  1. … who is protecting your data?

It’s important to know who’s protecting your data and what security, and backup and recovery processes they have.

  1. … how well your data is protected?

Is your data being protected 24×7? Is your security provider adequately trained? Do they allow further third-party access to your data? It’s critical to understand exactly who has access to your data, and that their security accreditations are up-to-date.

Protecting your organisation’s data is as important as protecting its network. While the numerous security considerations can seem overwhelming to IT Managers – especially those who run lean IT teams – a managed service provider can help assess your organisation’s security status and advise on how best to address any gaps.

If you have any doubt about any of the above points, get in touch with Enablis via the form below for a no-obligation chat. Let us help you secure your organisation’s data so you can sleep better at night.


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