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We’re back from Cisco Live!

Posted on: March 19, 2019 | 4 minutes read

We’re back from Cisco Live!

Just over a week ago, Enablis exhibited at Cisco Live ANZ for the first time. It was an exciting and humbling experience to exhibit alongside 75 leading vendors in Australia’s IT market, rubbing shoulders with well-known, established companies, and getting to know the many niche, smaller players as well.

Exhibiting at Cisco Live felt much like a ‘coming of age’ for Enablis. While we’re not new to the market and have served – and still serving – some great clients over the past decade, we felt it was time to boost brand recognition, and an appearance at a solid industry event, standing toe-to-toe with industry superstars, was the way to do it.

The event

With over 8,000 in attendance and an ambitious target of 1,000,000 online viewers accessing the event’s live stream, Cisco Live 2019 was destined to be big. Cisco’s The Bridge to Possible campaign inspired awe, demonstrating how technology can bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity, processes and productivity, dreams and reality. It set the stage for us – Cisco’s key partners – to show a captive audience how we can help them bridge the gap between where they are today, and where they want to be.

Team Enablis at Cisco Live

With the expected noise of 75 exhibitors, we wanted to bring a story to Cisco Live that was more than ‘hey, this is what we do’. We wanted to connect with attendees with a topic that would resonate. And there’s nothing quite as on-topic at the moment as data security.

The number of breaches in Australia and across the globe a mere three months into 2019 is astounding. What’s even more staggering is the number of small to medium sized companies getting hacked. Those who once sat safely below the radar are no longer safe; and recognising the complexity and cost involved in rolling out traditional security solutions, we embarked on a journey to put together a solution that helps mid-sized enterprises to adopt a solid security infrastructure without the complexity. We’ve done the ground work and packaged a strategic offering that brings together affordable, scalable SaaS based security solutions.

Zero Trust Security Framework


This offering not only resonated with mid-sized businesses who struggle to implement a thorough security solution, but larger enterprises and security experts agreed that (1) data security is critical to companies of all sizes, and (2) our Zero Trust Security Framework is a simple, manageable way to ensure data security without breaking the bank.

Conversations had at Cisco Live demonstrated the vulnerable state in which many companies are currently operating – having ‘some’ security but certainly not covering all bases. We learned about the challenges faced by many mid-sized businesses – mainly financial or operational – on their journey to improving their security posture. We talked about strategy, ideals and what solution, realistically, one should implement if they couldn’t have it all.

The insights and value we gained from face-to-face chats with people who work within IT teams every day is invaluable, and a testament to being ‘live’ at Australia’s leading IT event.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by our stand. We hope you enjoyed meeting our team, learning about what we do and how we help mid-sized enterprises manage the burden of operating IT so they are free to focus on business strategy.

Oh and lastly, did you notice our logo turned into a little race car for the event? With Cisco Live a week before the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix, we thought we’d get in the mood and also gave away 2 x weekend F1 tickets as our booth prize! We hope the winner enjoyed the weekend – Melbourne definitely put on the weather for it.

Catherine Lee
Marketing Manager, Enablis

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