Whitelion Bailout

In the lock up for a good cause

Posted on: March 28, 2017 | 3 minutes read

For consistently delivering services to clients that is so good, it’s deemed criminal, the notorious gang “Enablis Rascals” have been convicted and sentenced to time in prison. Heading to the slammer on Friday 5th May, they need your help to raise enough bail to be set free.

Six brave Enablis team members are participating in the Annual ‘Bail Out’, Whitelion’s fundraising campaign to support disadvantaged youth. Since its humble beginnings in Melbourne in 2005, Bail Out has grown to become a truly national campaign across Australia, inspiring thousands of brave individuals to get locked-up for a good cause and support Whitelion youth programs across Australia.

Last year, the proceeds from the Bail Out helped 2774 youth. Funds provided mentoring programs, assistance with employment and placement in education and training.

Stepping into the shoes of a young person that has been disconnected from our community, Enablis inmates will be exposed to life on the inside with activities that simulate prison life. They will be stripped of their possessions, fingerprinted, photographed and subjected to interrogation. 

You can make a real difference in the life of a young person. Please set our team free and donate to a great cause. Click on the team member you would like to sponsor to make your donation today.

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