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Disruption, a real concern for IT leaders

Posted on: March 9, 2016 | 2 minutes read

If you are apprehensive about emerging technology and the impact it will have on your business landscape, then you are not alone.  According to Insight Enterprises Intelligent Technology Index released in February 2016, 65% of all IT decision makers are worried about disruption too. This percentage increases with the size of the organisation with 3 in 4 technology leaders in medium and large organisations expressing concern.

This concern is justified. Over the last decade, the pace of technological change has been fast and unrelenting, completely altering the way we do business. Over coming years, innovation is set to skyrocket and will send shockwaves across businesses in all industries.

The primary issue for most organisations are outdated legacy systems. Over half of tech decision-makers believe their current technology presents an obstacle to adopting new technology, giving their current IT infrastructure a “B minus” rating. Network infrastructure/moving into the cloud, hardware, devices, and data security have been called out as the key areas for improvement.

The challenge for most businesses is the significant cost and resources required to undertake a total technology transformation. Jon Evans, CEO of Enablis says “Organisations need to transition before they can transform. We develop an IT strategy with our clients, considering their budget, requirements and planning for their future needs. Our plan involves moving organisations through a structured and manageable transition then transformation program.”

In response to concerns about disruption and the state of existing technology, half of surveyed tech leaders plan to increase IT budgets by an average of 22%. Of those organisations planning budget increases, just over one-third plan to spend incremental budget on maintenance of existing equipment and infrastructure with a further third investing in the adoption and development of new technologies and innovation.

The fact that Tech decision makers recognise that big changes are on the horizon and are prepared to invest in technology is an indication of good things to come for most businesses. Now is the time for decision-makers to become drivers of growth through technology and innovation.

Source:  Insight Enterprises Intelligent Technology Index



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