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How can Unified Communications help mid-sized enterprises?

Posted on: October 8, 2018 | 3 minutes read

How can Unified Communications help mid-sized enterprises?

Mid-sized organisations have traditionally used copper or TDM technology for their enterprise communications. With the NBN roll-out forcing the switch to IP-based telephony, companies are evaluating their entire communications estate and opting for converged networks and a single Unified Communications (UC) solution.

What is UC and Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS)?

Moving to an IP-based estate means organisations can consolidate their telephony, mobility, instant messaging, collaboration apps, and other cloud-based productivity applications. UCaaS delivers communication and collaboration applications and services via the cloud, offering unprecedented flexibility and scalability for core business applications, managed via a centralised dashboard.

The benefits of UCaaS

  1. Stream line operations and reduce cost

Instead of investing in on-premise hardware for enterprise communications, UCaaS accesses applications in the cloud, enabling flexibility and scalability at the click of a button. The reduction in hardware, maintenance and management costs will derive great savings for companies – however the real savings are realised by the ability to scale, paying only for licences used. UCaaS telephony has proven additional savings of approximately 20% for many organisations by removing the complexity caused by flag falls, peak times and geography.

  1. Accessibility

With global accessibility available through any Internet connection, UCaaS supports real-time collaboration for your company, driving productivity and efficiency. Operations are simplified with mobile workers securely connected and contactable via one number, making it easier to communicate with and manage your mobile and flexible workforce. In addition, IT managers can access the portal anytime, anywhere to add, remove or amend licences on demand.

  1. No physical infrastructure or hardware investments

Traditional IT infrastructures were a hinderance to growth, as increasing users or expanding applications meant installing new hardware. UCaaS future-proofs the growth of your business, allowing you to add users and allocate licences with the click of a button. Maintenance and management of hardware becomes a thing of the past, helping streamline resources and reduce operational cost.

Finding the right managed UCaaS partner

Moving away from traditional hardware and applications can seem daunting for mid-sized enterprises. It takes time and resources to evaluate your existing estate, design a UCaaS solution, and implement the project. Selecting the right partner is critical to ensure the solution you end up with is the right fit for your business.

At Enablis, we:

  • take the time to understand your unique situation,
  • propose a solution bespoke to your requirements, and
  • handle design, implementation, and ongoing management end-to-end.

By working with a trusted managed service provider like Enablis, you can refocus your lean IT team on strategic deliverables while we manage your UCaaS estate.

Want to talk to us about the potential of unified comms for your business?

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