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How does IoT Security discover every device on your network ?

Posted on: April 9, 2021 | 2 minutes read

With todays modern threats how do you ensure you have transparency of your entire network? 

The massive increase in connected devices both at home and in the workplace has created a huge security risk for businesses as high-risk devices have many vulnerabilities​ that are difficult to patch, with unfettered access.  IoT Security is now a business necessity that introduces risk and exposures.

30% of devices on enterprise networks today are IoT​ that pose a huge risk to any business a the incredible diversity of these devices makes traditional IT security controls ineffective.

Did you know that 75% of businesses say IoT security is a top priority, yet only 16% feel prepared?  IoT Security​ will ensure you can trust every device on your network. Securing IoT​ devices is hard​ as we all use diverse devices that traditional IT security controls do not support.  

Here are the most high-risk devices that can leave you exposed: 

IoT Security Device vulnerability , Enablis, Network security, Antivirus and risk assessment

Why do current solutions fail to protect IoT?

  • There’s limited​ visibility- as traditional IT security controls cannot identify previously unseen IoT devices, and accuracy requires constant effort
  • Existing visibility-centric solutions do not offer native prevention or enforcement 
  • IoT Security has required changes to network infrastructure, security team workflows and integrations so it can be time consuming and costly

The benefits of IOT Security include the following:

  • It automatically identifies everything in your network
  • You can identify devices quickly and​ accurately using Palo Alto’s unique combination of machine learning​ and App-ID technology 
  • Continuous monitoring ensures no device is missed regardless of when they connect​ 
  • Detection of new, never-seen-before devices and deep insights from 50+ attributes 
  • Provides risk analysis of your network 
  • Provides recommendations of policies to secure risks– with consistent profiling of device activity that accurately converts into risk-based policy recommendations, so you can confidently allow only trusted behaviour 

IoT Security discovers every device on your Network  

IoT security, Enablis, Network security, Antivirus and risk assessment

If you have any questions about IoT Security or are interested in discussing your security framework in more detail, please contact one of the Enablis Security experts via ph: 1300 887 664 or your Account Manager directly.



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