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Mimecast: Leader in Gartner’s Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant

Posted on: December 9, 2019 | 3 minutes read

Mimecast named a Leader in Gartner’s Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant

Mimecast has once again been named a Leader by Gartner, this time in its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving. As a key partner in the Enablis Zero Trust Security Framework, we are proud of Mimecast’s achievement, which also establishes our offering as being best-of-breed. In addition to Mimecast, our Zero Trust offering also brings in the strengths of Crowdstrike, ZScaler and Okta – all Gartner Leaders in their field.

What is Enterprise Information Archiving?

Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) focuses on solutions that archive user data, such as email, instant messaging, social media, file, SMS and voice. EIA  solutions typically focus on compliance, preservation and discovery use cases, and are based on increasingly complex regulatory demands.

Mimecast’s EIA product is Cloud Archive. It is delivered as SaaS, and provides support for archiving and e-discovery use cases. Released in 2019, Mimecast Supervision introduces improved support for compliance use cases. Mimecast Sync and Recover provides data protection and recovery services for Microsoft Office 365.

For a copy of the Gartner report, click here.

What’s the state of your data security?

2019 has been a disruptive year in terms of cyber crime. In Australia alone, Big W, Hawthorn Football Club, Nova Entertainment, My Health Records, Victorian Public Servants, Dept of Parliamentary Services and Marriott Hotel Group (amongst others) have suffered breaches.  And there was this breach on the Australian National University, which required no password stolen, no clicks, not even an email opened.

Is your data secure? Have you considered:

  • Email security – are potentially threatening emails being filtered and blocked successfully? If a malicious link or email (for example, an impersonation email) is received, are your employees educated to think before they click?
  • Identity – are your employees using the same password to access multiple tools? Do they have password fatigue? Can the cracking of one password provide a cyber criminal access to your entire network?
  • Web gateway – are your users working from beyond the corporate network? Are they accessing SaaS apps?
  • Antivirus and endpoint protection – are you using legacy antivirus? What about malware-free attacks that are undetectable by traditional antivirus? How quickly can you identify a threat that has infiltrated your network?

If any of these questions keep you awake at night, you need to have a chat with us. Drawing on the expertise of market leading vendors, wrapped in a seamless managed service, Enablis can talk through your current scenario, identify gaps and recommend quick, world class solutions that ensure your network, brand and organisation are protected from cyber criminals.

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