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A Web of Access – Identity and Security in the Middle Market

A Web of Access – Identity and Security in the Middle Market  The quick uptake of web based applications, employees using their own personal devices and working remotely has forced a fundamental shift in how IT teams meet their security obligations. Identity Management and security access solutions are now considered top priorities for mid-market enterprises. […]

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WanaCrypt Ransomware – Statement and Advice

Over the weekend public and private organisations across the globe were targeted by sophisticated ransomware. The National Health Services in the UK, the German national rail network and companies like Fed Ex were just some of the major victims. The full scale and impact of the attack in Australia is yet to be understood. What […]

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Protect Your Cloud Event

Protect Your Cloud Event Thursday, 9th March 2017 | Ivy Penthouse With more and more staff demanding access to applications everywhere, IT departments are under more pressure to increase their IT security.  Demand for cloud applications continue to rise, as does the risk profile for IT  as they scramble to adapt their security architecture. Now […]

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