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Shaken not Stirred – IT Security in the Mid Market

The IT security market has been shaken by cloud networking, mobility and big data.

Medium size businesses are the most significantly impacted. These businesses operate across  multiple offices and sites with thousands of employees, small IT teams, limited budgets and are actively targeted by hackers and cyber criminals.

According to CSO Online 50% of SMB’s have been breached in the last year.

Essentially Mid-market IT teams are being asked to do more with less. Those teams that partner well with the right IT service provider will have the capacity to execute a more successful security strategy and pursue the company’s larger growth ambitions.

Conceptual shifts like the Internet of Things, big data, mobile workforces, software, infrastructure and everything else ‘as a service’ are moving enterprises away from ownership of tech assets and towards a subscription model.

If I don’t own anything how can I protect everything?

Access over ownership makes a lot of sense, particularly for Mid-size enterprises. Today technical innovation is increasing at an exponential rate and the idea of owning something that may soon become redundant is not smart. In terms of security the most pressing question for mid-market IT Managers now is – If I don’t own anything how can I protect everything?

IT Managers can now use the ‘as a service’ model to provide the highest levels of flexibility and security to organisations and customers. A ‘best fit’ managed service partner can create a high value, tailored solution to secure your cloud strategy and protect your users, networks and endpoints.

We have all seen servers being removed from onsite locations, many organisations decluttering their hardware and the launch of cloud services here in Australia.

By 2020 Australian business will have spent $1 billion dollars on cloud or Infrastructure services in Australia.

The ‘as a service’ commercial model is the most important shift in the security market for IT Managers at medium size business because it will allow them to de-risk a significant portion of their responsibilities, prioritise their strategic goals and futureproof their business.

– Jon Evans, CEO Enablis


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