Smart cameras for secure monitoring from any location

Enablis partnered with the world’s leading smart camera vendor – Cisco CCTV Meraki. Our expert technicians ensure your business and sites have smart cameras for secure monitoring and management at all times.

These smart cameras are managed centrally via the cloud so you can monitor and manage your business from any location.

Beyond just security – peace of mind

The powerful onboard processor analyses video and provides valuable insights without the need to send those video files to the cloud or a local server.

Secure Monitoring benefits include:

  • Motion heat maps – so you can quickly assess foot traffic in a retail store or monitor where people are going. The motion heat maps only require a small amount of metadata, rather than bulky video files, to provide impactful results.
  • Object detection – learn which displays are attracting the most attention, or how many people came into the office one a particular day. You can detect people and vehicles using computer vision and increase accuracy over time through machine learning.
  • You have complete privacy.
  • All MV analytics functionalities are anonymised to ensure privacy while still providing intelligence.
  • Complete security as all cameras have SSL certificates and all Meraki management data is always encrypted by default.
  • No extra software is required.
  • Video storage with powerful hardware, so there’s no need for an NVR or extra analytics package.
  • Bandwidth-conscious – Novel architecture places video storage on the camera, not cloud, ensuring critical network activities get the bandwidth they need.

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