Zero Trust Security Framework

How secure is your data?

The world out there…

Just months into 2019 and we’re already seeing a surge in security breaches. In Australia alone, Big W, Hawthorn Football Club, Nova Entertainment, My Health Records, Victorian Public Servants, Dept of Parliamentary Services and Marriott Hotel Group (amongst others) have already suffered breaches.

How are they breaching us?

91% of cyber-attacks start with email.

81% of data breaches involve weak or stolen credentials.

50% of attacks are Malware-free, meaning anti-virus can’t stop it.

70% web traffic is encrypted (SSL), which gives zero-days and botnets a great hiding place.

Network perimeters no longer exist – users have left the building.

Lack of cyber awareness is a risk for all businesses

So how safe is your data? Do you know:

  • The value of your data?
  • Who has access to your data?
  • Where your data is?

  • Who is protecting your data?
  • How well your data is protected?

Discover the Zero Trust Security Framework

Our Zero Trust Security Framework has been created to ensure your data is safe and secure. The illustration below outlines the 5 key areas we target to deliver peace of mind.

Explore each area in more detail:

Top 5 problems:

  • Users are exposed to hackers
  • Phishing & impersonation attacks
  • Unseen Data leaks
  • Lack of cyber education
  • Failure of hosted email (e.g. O365)

Enablis can help you with:

  • Blocking Malware and Ransomware
  • Stopping internal spread of threats
  • Stopping spear-phishing attacks
  • Stopping C-Level impersonation
  • Protecting from O365 failures

Top 5 problems:

  • Password fatigue and quality (length & complexity)
  • Credential theft
  • Lack of visibility of access to apps
  • SaaS protected by static AD password
  • Integrations leading to security holes

Enablis can help you with:

  • Single sign-on to all web and mobile apps
  • Contextual authentication
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Password-less experience for end users
  • 50% reduction in login-related helpdesk calls

Top 5 problems:

  • Cloud and mobility blurring the security perimeter
  • Encrypted (SSL) traffic passing through firewalls unfiltered
  • Data leakage – data being accessed anywhere, any time
  • Complexity of security gateways
  • Compliance issues caused by lack of reporting and visibility

Enablis can help you with:

  • Software defined perimeter
  • Full inspection of encrypted traffic
  • Content filtering, Data Loss prevention, Cloud firewall & sandboxing always on regardless of location
  • Visibility into apps deployed by Shadow IT
  • Centralised reporting for all web access

Top 5 problems:

  • Traditional antivirus doesn’t protect against non-malware threats and targeted attacks
  • Many businesses don’t realise they’re under attack (silent attack)
  • Traditional security tools focus on detection not prevention
  • Traditional security architectures are complex and slow to react

Enablis can help you with:

  • Identifying indicators of attack (IoA)
  • Eliminate complexity and simplify your security stack
  • Instant visibility and protection across the entire threat lifecycle
  • Deploying a single lightweight agent
  • Non-intrusive vulnerability scanning

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