Stop tomorrow’s threats today with advanced Perimeter Security

Prevent unknown threats and see everything with machine learning powered next generation firewalls. Identify new variants of threats and new devices without relying on signatures. Analyse devices by utilising machine learning at cloud scale through continuous collection of data and telemetry. Simply your security posture with an integrated solution that delivers complete visibility everywhere.

  • Prevention Focused Architecture
  • Zero Trust Enforcement
  • Advanced Security


Cyberattacks are growing by the day and adding proxies or sandboxing technologies simply won’t offer enough protection from advanced threats.

Types of firewalls available:


Physical appliances provide consistent encryption to your entire data network perimeter including branches, Data Centre, and Head office.


Virtual firewalls are easy to deploy, scalable and with machine learning powered capabilities safeguard cloud speed and offer micro segmentation with threat prevention.


Protect workloads with deep layer 7 inspection into inbound, outbound and east-west traffic between container zones.

Use cases:

  • Data Centre – protect your data an apps from East/West traffic
  • Branches – protect your users and branch devices
  • Hybrid Cloud – protect your private and public cloud seamlessly
  • Network Perimeter – protect your organisation from the Internet


Advanced Malware protection – protect against unknown threats

Protect against previously unknown threats in seconds by leveraging cloud-based malware detection and multiple analysis techniques to identify unknown file-based threats.

Data Loss Prevention – protect intellectual property

Minimise the risk of data breaches by protecting sensitive data across every channel with consistent data protection everywhere.

DNS Security – stop DNS based attacks

Block DNS attacks (command-and-control, DNS tunnelling) and malicious domains by using predictive analytics and machine learning.

Intrusion prevention – that looks at all traffic

Inspect all traffic for threats (command and control, exploits, malware & spyware) and automatically block regardless of encryption (HTTPS), port or protocol.

URL filtering – protect against web-based threats

Protect your organization against web-based threats such as phishing, malware and command-and-control by instantly blocking users access to known and new malicious websites.

New capabilities in the ML-Powered NGFW will*:

  • Protect you from up to 95% of unknown threats instantly by embedding ML in the core of the firewall to provide inline signatureless attack prevention.
  • Continuously collect telemetry to enable data-intensive ML processes to automatically compute and recommend policy changes. This drastically reduces the chance of human error, a leading cause of breaches.
  • Use cloud-based ML processes to push zero-delay signatures and instructions back to the NGFW; customers can now benefit from instantaneous real-time protections.

*This Content is referenced from Palo Alto Networks

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