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Youth Hostels Australia enables high-speed internet connectivity

The Challenge:

YHA needed to provide high speed connectivity for guests and staff


As many travel organisations managed the repercussions of the pandemic, Youth Hostels Australia (YHA) kept itself busy by looking to the future.

As a low-cost, quality accommodation provider YHA chose to spend time to digitally transform its operations to help prepare for a post-COVID era where work would no longer be rooted to one location. YHA was in need of high-speed internet connectivity for its guests and staff.



YHA has been in operation for close to 85 years, and is committed to enhancing its guests’ experiences, with digital transformation at the core of its purpose.

YHA is the largest provider of its kind across Australia, with a presence across 40 properties in every state and territory. The YHA team believes in enabling sustainable practices – especially through technology for its business and nomad travellers.

The solution needed to meet the needs of digital nomads & improve staff productivity

Post-COVID, the way we live and work has changed and flexible modern work solutions powered by cloud computing, is now essential today in a hybrid working world. 

Digital nomads are interested in a hybrid lifestyle that combines work and mobility with high-speed internet, to work and stay connected with colleagues from any location.

When digital nomads have a ‘workcation’ they do so to continue to work with on holiday, while keeping themselves entertained, such as through 4K video streaming, and connected with friends and family. 



High-speed connectivity helps them do all of this, while also enabling them to manage their travel experiences seamlessly. This in turn also has a positive impact on YHA’s own staff as it simplifies check in and check out, among other benefits.

Anticipating these needs, YHA realised it needed IT infrastructure designed for digital nomads.


Improving staff productivity

And if good connectivity is essential for today’s digital nomads, it’s similarly crucial for staff.

Easy access to cloud computing helps ensure team members, like YHA’s, are well-connected and have the right tools to service customers.

During the pandemic, YHA team members were able to continue operations and collaborate with each other even when the majority of them had to work from home.

Easy access to cloud computing helps ensure team members, like YHA’s, are well-connected and have the right tools to service customers.

And it was Enablis, YHA’s partner of choice that helped deliver this digital shift and make the business cloud ready.

If you would like to find out more or speak with the Enablis team about a solution that is right for you please email here.