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Mimecast Security Case Study

The Challenge:
We had been hit by a Ransomware Attack
All of the our backups were infected and encrypted, as there were some fundamental issues with the way things were set up.
"My first day in a new job was spent dealing with a full-blown cyber incident. I quickly realised that we had to change a few things around…and fast! Thankfully, we were able to get to the back up tapes."

"The incident had happened on the 2nd of the month, which fell on a Sunday, and we had access to the end of month backups from the Friday. It was still an arduous process to restore the data, virus check it, sanitise it, and move it to another platform, before eventually putting it back into production." Said the Head of IT of  a well known Not for Profit community based organsation.

"The issue we had was that we were unable to identify how the ransomware attack got through. While we suspected a staffer clicked on a bad link, there was no way of confirming if this was the case with our legacy set up."

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  • Infected and encrypted backups 
  • Loss of productivity 
  • Marketing campaign cancellation 

The Solution:

  • Implemented enhanced security features so that that malicious threats could be identified and blocked by Mimecast's solution before they reach their intended recipient, and other suspicious messages can be identified and flagged as requiring attention.
  • Security awareness training and reporting through Enablis and Mimecast was rolled out to the team. The Mimecast solution now provides us with a clear view of our staff's security knowledge and the gaps in that knowledge that need to be filled.
  • Enablis and Mimecast’s support team provided fast and accurate responses to any issues raised by our IT team, whereas previously we were left to resolve our issues ourselves through time-consuming research.

Mimecast and Enablis has helped build a secure solution to free the IT support team from hours of having to respond to helpdesk requests by introducing a self-service portal where users can resolve email and other basic issues themselves. 

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