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4 steps to an optimal security strategy

Posted on: February 12, 2019 | 3 minutes read

4 steps to an optimal security strategy

Barely two months into 2019 and we’re already seeing a surge in security breaches. In Australia alone, Big W, Hawthorn Football Club, Nova Entertainment, My Health Records and Victorian Public Servants have already suffered cyber breaches in January this year, and the Dept of Parliamentary Services and Bunnings have been breached just this month. (click here for breach list)

In addition to the surge in breaches, the types of companies being targeted is also evolving. Hackers are no longer targeting large, listed enterprises – in December last year, a small pottery firm in the UK was breached and staff salaries held ransom until the hackers were paid 79 Bitcoins, the equivalent of almost GBP200,000.

If you’re a mid-sized company with a small IT team, it’s time to understand the importance of IT security.

Mobility, identity management and cloud applications are fundamentally changing digital infrastructure and forcing a rethink of security architecture. Moving data offsite into the cloud offers numerous benefits, including the added security protocols of market-leading cloud providers. However, the security of your data also lies in the hands of  those much closer to home – your employees.

Here are four essential steps for optimising your security landscape.

1. Brain storm

IT security touches every area of a business from applications to payroll to every employee who logs onto your network. It’s important to consult with each stakeholder group, document current complexities and weaknesses and outline expected changes.

2. Find your fit

There are myriad security vendors who provide specialist solutions to specific areas of IT security, including email security, identity management, secure gateways, antivirus and end-point detection. Finding the right mix that’s also the right fit is critical to optimising your security architecture.

3. Drill down

Finding your fit is one thing, but ensuring the solution targets your exact need is equally important. Make sure you understand the product parameters and what it offers. If it’s not financially viable to implement best-of-breed products across your network, make sure you focus on areas that are most critical to your operations. Enablis can demonstrate not just how each vendor can help you, but the combination of solutions we’ve implemented for similar companies to yours.

4. Share the load

Most important to keeping your network and data secure is your people. Education is often overlooked as an integral part of IT security. Make sure your employees are involved in the security effort and understand best practice.

If you’d like to have an obligation-free discussion about your security requirements, fill out the form below and one of our consultants will give you a call. We’ll also be exhibiting at Cisco Live next month, where we’ll launch our new security portfolio. Come and say hi in the World of Solutions!

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