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A leaner, smarter workforce for ActronAir

Posted on: November 26, 2018 | 3 minutes read

End-to-end managed service delivers operational efficiency for ActronAir.


  • Major site relocation and consolidation
  • Legacy infrastructure and telephony systems
  • Reduce cost and increase efficiency

Solutions at-a-glance:

  • Private cloud
  • Private WAN & WiFi
  • Cloud Telephony

Established in 1984 as a small family business, ActronAir has grown to become Australia’s largest locally owned air conditioning manufacturer. With the founders still involved in the business – which now employs more than 300 staff in multiple locations throughout Australia – ActronAir is always looking for leaner and more intelligent ways to speed up processes.

Business growth has posed several challenges for ActronAir including managing a legacy network, equipment and software updates, and a growing mobile workforce. Moving their network to the cloud also meant ActronAir needed to re-evaluate its infrastructure. Add to that the consolidation and relocation of its factory and headquarters to a purpose-built facility in Sydney – and ActronAir knew it needed to find a partner who could provide an end-to-end managed service.

ActronAir can now rest easy that their infrastructure is up-to-date and secure, and their call centre and field staff are equipped with a reliable telephony solution. Working with a trusted partner means ActronAir can focus on what’s important: producing world-class air conditioners supported by high quality, local customer service.

“Moving to a managed service with Enablis means I can trust them to keep my IT
communications up to date and secure while my team focus on driving efficiency across
our sites, out in the field and on the factory floor.” – Glenn Casarotto, IT Manager.

The Challenges

Site relocation and consolidation – Consolidating and relocating its factory and headquarters to one site prompted ActronAir’s move to the cloud, however it also introduced challenges around the management and security of their cloud infrastructure.

Re-evaluate network & Wi-Fi estate – Moving to the cloud reduced resource-intensive activity, but also meant ActronAir needed to refresh their network and Wi-Fi estate.

Field and call centre staff – With a growing team of field technicians, ActronAir required reliable connectivity to support communications between field staff, the call centre, and its sites.

Our Solutions

Secure cloud infrastructure – A private connection to Microsoft Cloud provides ActronAir with increased security, consistency, and speeds. In addition, moving their infrastructure offpremise allows ActronAir to run a leaner, smarter IT team.

Fibre network & Wi-Fi – To support ActronAir’s new cloud infrastructure, Enablis deployed a fibre network and Meraki Wi-Fi solution. Coupled with cloud, the enhanced network drives operational efficiency and IoT, such as the ability to remotely diagnose and patch air conditioning units.

Cloud Telephony – The MiTel telephony solution is a reliable communication platform for field and call centre staff, enabling ActronAir to share data efficiently. Deploying a suite of handsets and soft phone applications, ActronAir staff stay in constant contact, allowing them to respond to their customers as quickly as possible.

Fully Managed Service – ActronAir wanted to move away from a big IT team to a leaner, smarter workforce. Enablis’ end-to-end managed service ensures ActronAir’s network is secure, their infrastructure is up-to-date, and their communications platform is reliable, so they can focus on driving efficiency across their business.

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