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Scaling up to business success

Posted on: August 1, 2018 | 3 minutes read

Enablis delivers agile, scalable solution for Fenner Dunlop


  • Improve efficiency to drive down cost
  • Increase network speed and scalability
  • Finding an enablement partner

Solutions at a glance:

  • Fibre network & Wi-Fi with increased bandwidth across 24 sites
  • Centralised data centre
  • BroadSoft VoIP telephony platform with SIP trunks
  • Palo Alto Networks firewall

Founded in 1861 in England and now part of the Michelin Group of companies, the Fenner Group has a long history in manufacturing conveyor belting. Fenner Dunlop Australia was established in 1891 and through acquisitions, joint ventures and organic growth, the company has become the market leader and the only company in Australia that manufactures conveyor systems end-to-end.

Headquartered in Footscray, Victoria, Fenner Dunlop operates three factories and 24 sites Australia-wide, supporting a growing team of 750 onsite and remote workers. The need to scale their business, improve production line efficiency, connect remote workers, and deliver real time communication and reporting meant Fenner Dunlop needed the support of a managed services provider.

Fenner Dunlop now enjoy the benefits of a centralised data centre with a highly scalable fibre infrastructure. An agile communications platform and next generation IT security has freed them up to focus on finding new ways to innovate in their field.

The Challenge

Production line efficiency – To compete with overseas manufacturers, Fenner Dunlop must keep their costs low while maintaining a highquality product. It was critical for the company to find smarter ways to operate and increase production while reducing cost.

Remote sites and field staff – With a growing team, ensuring reliable connectivity and communication between field staff, remote sites and head office is key to Fenner Dunlop’s business success.

Communications and data capture – Fenner Dunlop needed to automate data gathering, processing and communication across its factory floors to accelerate operational efficiency.

Our Solutions

Scalable IT Infrastructure – Enablis rolled out a refreshed fibre network across Fenner Dunlop’s 24 sites, increasing bandwidth and connectivity. The faster bandwidth enabled stronger Wi-Fi signals across Fenner Dunlop’s factory floors, supporting automation and IoT on the production line, which reduced human error and accelerated processes.

Future Proofing – With a secure, highly scalable network, Fenner Dunlop needn’t worry about IT infrastructure impacting their growth plans. In addition, moving Fenner Dunlop’s infrastructure from their head quarters to a data centre (managed by Enablis) reduces risk and reliance on HQ infrastructure.

Cloud Telephony – Fenner Dunlop had been on the forefront of unified communications by deploying a cloud telephony solution. Decoupling this from the slow network and moving it to the new fibre network was an integral part of the implementation.

Fully Managed Service – Fenner Dunlop sought out a partner who would be responsive, would simplify the complex, and whom they could trust. Engaging with Enablis has freed Fenner Dunlop to focus on transforming their business, delivering the best return possible on their investments.

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