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The Y NSW implements premier security solution


The Background:

As part of the largest youth organisation in the world, the Y NSW is passionate about nurturing potential and providing safe spaces where young people can grow, learn, move and thrive. The Y NSW serves more than 40 communities across NSW and the ACT and has a workforce combined of an estimated 2000 individuals.

The Y NSW provides services such as gymnastics, learn to swim, aquatics, camping, indoor sports, health and fitness, out of school hours care and youth and community programs. With more than 3 million individuals visiting their facilities and fitness and aquatic amenities annually - security is paramount for confidentiality, particularly when it comes to safeguarding the information related to these children and young people.

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The Key business objectives for a new security solution:

  • To implement a premier endpoint protection solution.
  • To provide all stakeholders with peace of mind.
  • To manage risk in a cost-effective way.


The Pain Points:

  • Finding a cost-effective solution that met the security requirements for the organisation.
  • Ensuring the best solution on the market to implement.
  • Replacing the existing security solution with a premier option.


Working with Enablis:

  • Enablis were able to provide The Y NSW with an End Point protection and email security solution that met the requirements of the organisation.
  • Enablis were able to provide and design a new SDWAN network for The Y NSW.
  • Enablis provided The Y NSW with a more secure and agile network with increased security and capacity.


The Benefits:

  • Having great visibility of endpoint protection.
  • Saving time with easy ongoing maintenance.
  • Experiencing a seamless rollout of the new solution with no negative impacts on their end users.

The MPLS network provided by one of the larger carriers was replaced by Enablis with a more secure and agile network with increased capacity...Enablis worked with the Y NSW to provide the endpoint protection and email security solution across the organisation.

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