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SASE delivers secure modern working for IVE Group

The Background:

IVE Group is a leading ASX listed Australian holistic marketing services provider. Success comes through a laser focus on the needs of its customers, including a significant focus on the protection and security of customer information and data.

“We have a very diverse and complex business. Strong security is critical to IVE’s success. Our clients, whether they use our data driven marketing and communications services or our diverse production and digital services, demand the best possible protection for their data and we have led the industry on our security capabilities,” explains Paul McMaster IVE Group’s General Manager Group IT.

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The Challenges:

“At the start of the pandemic, we were extremely challenged with needing to quickly provide a suddenly remote workforce with the ability to work from home," said Paul McMaster IVE Group’s General Manager Group IT.

“We deployed a Remote Desktop Protocol solution to enable users to access their computers at work, air-gapped from their home PC, but this raised big issues with our large fleet of notebook users. This left notebook users without the ability to access key BAU files in network shares, as well as a raft of services
and applications that were only delivered when people we directly connected to the network," commented Paul.

“Whilst a number of key systems were already available over Citrix, one of the key issues that developed was an explosion in the use of cloud based file storage solutions, like OneDrive, to keep and share documents internally and with customers, against our longstanding policy of documents only being saved and tightly controlled in our on-prem network file servers.”

“We couldn’t resist this tide of shadow IT, as it was out of business necessity that our people were adapting – we had no other solutions available to provide
our people with the access they needed.”

“We needed to rethink our approach to network security and needed our network security solutions to enable us to work efficiently and effectively at all times from any location, rather than get in the way,” added Paul.


The Solution:

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) addresses two of the largest challenges facing IT leaders today. Businesses now rely on cloud-based applications and services – SASE is a blueprint architecture that converges networking and security services into a single cloud native service.

Prisma Access – SASE is a cloud-delivered suite of security technologies that are made for 21st century organisations by Palo Alto Networks leveraging their best of breed Zero Trust framework technology. SASE adheres to a comprehensive Zero Trust Network Access framework approach while also greatly simplifying traditional complexity through vendor consolidation.


SASE Benefits:

The shift to SASE is well underway, with Gartner predicting that by 2025, at least 60% of enterprises will have explicit strategies and timelines for SASE adoption

  • SASE ensures every device connection or request to access information is verified.
  • Enables seamless and secure connectivity to all applications from anywhere.
  • Is cloud ready – allowing IVE to have a more dynamic application strategy in the future is desired and allows consistent and compliant security policies across all user types in the organisation.
  • SASE is not another vendor-led point solution – it is a comprehensive framework that protects corporate data through a holistic approach that is made to counter the threats and risks faced by businesses today.
  • Saving time with easy ongoing maintenance.
  • Experiencing a seamless rollout of the new solution with no negative impacts on their end users.

These benefits is why so many companies are looking at SASE to enhance their security posture and adopt a security platform that allows future migration capabilities to cloud applications and continued digitisation programs.

"Organisations are realising that the traditional security architecture no longer fits a world, where a hybrid work model is the new normal. With a distributed
workforce accessing apps anytime, anywhere via cloud and/or data centre, SASE architecture is becoming the new standard. As a result of hybrid work, the
attack surface has exploded exponentially. This means that the traditional ZTNA 1.0 model that underpins many SASE solutions is no longer adequate," cautions
Peter Molloy, SASE Leader, JAPAC, Palo Alto Networks.

As Enablis were already providing us with business-critical networks
they were ideally placed to help us deliver a secure modern remote
working roadmap. Enablis’ team of experts helped us design and
implement a Zero Trust framework that supported our remote access
needs without compromising network security. " said, Paul McMaster, General
Manager Group IT, IVE Group.

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