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Solutions to challenges companies face communicating remotely

Posted on: May 18, 2020 | 3 minutes read

The solution to collaboration challenges companies face right now communicating remotely is Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) Voice Calling.

In the current environment where business and personal lives have been profoundly affected by the ongoing impact of COVID-19, businesses (managers in particular) require simple and effective communication and collaboration tools to work effectively and productively.

Here are the top challenges companies are now facing  (and ways to overcome them):

Businesses are managing multiple tools and devices

Many businesses have multiple communication tools that are disparate e.g. they are using one chat tool, a different video tool and another tool to make phone calls. Some organisations go as far as have separate systems for internal versus external (partners and customers) communication. These disconnected systems may not be secure and can create extra work and increase stress levels for staff. Your collaboration tools can be consolidated by using MS Teams Voice Calling – providing ease of use, security and cost savings.

  1. Quality Issues

There are quality issues with some of the existing business communication tools being used. On many video and voice calls the voice quality can be broken and sounds distorted where it is difficult to have a meeting and understand what is being said. This causes miscommunication and productivity loss. Be sure to have a secure, tried and tested Collaboration tool that works every time.

  1. Ease of Use

Working from home without the support that you would have at hand in a typical office environment can be challenging. In a typical office environment, staff could just ask a colleague or manager for help. So, when working from home or remotely it would be handy to use a tool that has voice and video calling capabilities; which would in turn enable any online learning or training required. Be sure to invest in a tool that can do all of this and is user friendly.

  1. Keeping costs down in unpredictable times

As the economy slows and the world economic impacts are felt – business leaders will be challenged to manage their budgets even more closely. A collaboration tool that is both effective and cost efficient is at the top of the priority list of business tools required today.

  1. Understanding how to optimise existing tools

Are you aware of the myriad of collaboration tools being used across your organisation? Do you have legacy collaboration tools that are inefficient and expensive? Given current business challenges – you can look to reduce costs and improve efficiencies by auditing and consolidating the existing collaboration tools.

If your business has one or more of these challenges and you are currently using Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams – the Voice component of Teams will solve these issues today.

MS Teams Voice Calling gives you traditional voice calling capabilities from your existing MS Teams platform, so you can easily move all your voice calling capabilities to the cloud with integrated calling capabilities to landlines and mobile phones with simplified monthly billing.

Speak with an Enablis MS Teams Voice Calling expert today click here to chat and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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